1929 Hollywood Review of 1929 (billed as Natasha Natova and Company comprising Natasha plus Bob and George Ganjou and William Hendricks from Copenhagen, Denmark – who may have been Natasha’s husband).
1933 came to England and Serge Ganjou came into the act. Did Royal Variety Performance with Juanita Richards
1934 Juanita Richards left and was replaced by Joy Marlowe (who married Serge Ganjou in 1956)
1936 Liverpool pavilion, lodge lane 20 page programme for 'variety'. Inc. Betty jumel, wally wood, ganjou bros & juanita and others.
1937 George Black Presents: "LONDON RHAPSODY"at the London Palladium, London with: Flanagan & Allen, Ganjou Brothers & Juanita, Cardini, The 3 Wiere Brothers, Rosarito, Chesney Allen, Charlie Naughton, Teddy Knox, Bud Flanagan, Jommy Gold, Jimmy Nervo, James Chipperfield with his wrestling Bear- Bruni, Harry Champion, The Budapest Gypsy Boys Orchestra, Enid Lowe, Raymond Newell, Yola DeFraine, Harry Dennis's Dancing Dudes..
1937 Bogdan Ganjou presents Dresden Porcelain at Leeds Empire
1938 Dieses Programm vom Festsommer für die Varieté-Festspiele im Deutschen Theater München von 1938 trägt den Titel "Triumph der Leistung, Schönheit und Humor".
Mitgewirkt haben Karl Valentin und Lisl Karlstadt, das Ganjou Bros. und Juanita, das Hiller-Ballett, die 3 Brüder Nehring und Marion und Irma.
1943 Variety Jubilee film features their act
"Ganjou Brothers & Juanita" was a top Adagio Act : The Brothers were Polish
(Serge. Bogdan & George Ganjoulevitch) and Juanita was played by several
different girls. In this film she is Joy Marlowe, who became Serge's wife.
Their musical director was George's wife, Adele. The act disbanded in 1956.
1943, 19 June - Picture Post magazine feature: the Ganjou Brothers with Juanita in ‘Magic Carpet’
1945 MAGIC CARPET ,Princes Theatre, Shaftesbury Avenue
Firth Shepherd presents a New Musical Extravaganza with Sydney Howard, Kay Kendall, Kim Kendall, Dave & Joe O'Gorman, Ganjou Brothers & Juanita, Josephine Yorke, Cyril Fletcher, Stella Moya, Betty Warren, Patricia Stainer
1949 Variety Command Performance at Sydney ,Tivoli Theatre .1949 12pp programme starring performers who have appeared at Royal Command performances: Maurice Colleano & family, Ivor Moreton & Dave Kaye, Ganjou Bros.& Juanita

1950 'Paris By Night' at The Prince of Wales Theatre, London
Val Parnel and Bernard Delfont who presented this revue, Benny Hill, Tommy Cooper, the ladies of the Folies Bergere Olivia, Una, Tony, Vicki, Susan, Jackie, Rita, Mary Valerie and Marcelle, Caludine Cereda, Vicki and Fredi, Barbara Elvera, Claudine Cereda, Jeremy Hawke, Ganjou Brothers and Juanita, Ilona Adams, Johnny Keoni, Marqueez, The Morlido Trio.
1952 Variety Show at the London Palladium for two weeks commencing 7th July. The members of the Cast were The Palladium Tiller Girls, Elizabeth & Collins, Patterson & Jackson, Hassan Ben Ali Troupe, Jimmy Wheeler, Rolly Rolls, Ganjou Brothers & Juanita, The Skyrocket Orchestra, he Rosinas, Tommy Cooper , and for the First Time in England "America's Foremost Comedy Team" Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy.
1955, 16 Jan Appeared on US television on Ed Sullivan's show, still called "Toast of the Town". Featured were composer Gian-Carlo Menotti and a production of his opera "The Saint of Bleecker Street"; Esther Williams introducing scenes from her new film, "Jupiter's Darling"; comics Hermione Gingold and Alice Pearce; and adagio dancers the Ganjou brothers and Juanita.
1957 Act ended

Serge was on Variety Artistes’ Federation committee, opened Daquise restaurant in South Kensington
George became an agent, and discovered Cliff Richard
Bob Ganjou produced the Dior Dancers who did an Apache style / GB&J number

1958 LARGE AS LIFE at the London Palladium featuring Harry Secombe, Terry Thomas, Eric Sykes, Hattie Jacques, Johnny Puleo, Adele Leigh, Harry Worth, The Dior Dancers, Latona Graham & Chadel.

1958 SK Stiftung Kultur - Deutsches Tanzarchiv Köln
SK Cultural Foundation - German Dance Archives Cologne
Skala total verrückt
Deutschland 1958, Dauer / duration: 93'15, Revuefilm
Bandnummer / tape number: 822
Choreographie / choreography Robby Gay, Barbara Aitkens
Regie / direction Erik Ode
Company / company Tiller-Girls, London; Chaz-Chas; Lucky Latino Brothers; Dior Dancers, Palladium-London; Channel-Trio
Tanz / dancers Germaine Damar, Claus Biederstaedt, Violetta Ferrari, Erich Winn, Rudolf Platte, Ernst Stankovski, Erich Fiedler, Manfred Meurer, Evelin Bey, Dagmar Daehre, Dyke Manetti, Monika Peitsch, Rosemarie Renz, Grethe Weiser, Olive Moorefield
Musik / music Heino Gaze
Produktion / production Artur Brauner Produktion
Tanzsparte / type of dance Show

1960 Dior Dancers - Sunday Night at the London Palladium – tx 17.4.1960 ITV.
1962 In January, the Dior Dancers appeared in the Folies Bergere in Las Vegas
1962 Folies Bergere Opens Las Vegas
Date: 03/01/1962
Date: 03 Jan 1962
Order Ref: 170-711
Las Vegas, Nevada -- 1962 Folies Bergere,
Scenes, Hotel Tropicana Marquee, with Folies Bergere billing, & Hotel Tropicana fountain, Curtain rises on 1962 Folies Bergere, Pan Shot of side and center stages in opening production number, Med Shot center stage action, opening production number, LS of Can-Can, CU Can-Can, Med CU Dior Dancers, Spanish Adagio Team, Charleston Number with bathtub full of Florence and Frederick dancers, CU Florence and Frederick dancers, CU Florence and Frederick Charleston,
Story number: 170-711
Color: No
Mfg. Title: No

1963 KEN DODD Show of 1963 at The Opera House, Manchester featured The Dior Dancers, Eddie Vitch, Rosemary Squires and the Tiller Girls

The Dior Dancers ended (According to George Garrard the boys pulled a fast one on Bob, but they didn’t get the girl – Merrian Morris – as Bob married her!) and a new act was formed, the Bal Caron Trio.

1964 Bal Caron Trio appeared on US television show The Hollywood Palace episode 2.14
1966- Bal Caron Trio appeared on US television show Toast of the Town

1972 Bob Ganjou died -
1988 George Ganjou died (his wife was Adele, their musical director)
1992 Joy Ganjou died (27 july 1972, aged 80 – born 23 Jan 1912)
1998 Serge Ganjou died