An anthology of illustrated articles on remarkable specialty acts in variety, vaudeville and sideshows at the turn of the 20th century.

STRANGE FEATS AND CLEVER TURNS by Charlie Holland The articles are compiled from magazines of the era (Strand and Pearson’s,1894-1904), the heyday of variety before film, radio and TV. One chapter is entirely on jugglers with others on acrobats, aerialists, contortionists, balancers, hand shadows, paper folding wizards, a lightning modeller, sword swallowers, human arrows and other peculiar acts. 330 photographs and illustrations.192 pp. 6.5 x 9.5. Paper.

Articles included (title, author, magazine, pages and date):

The Balance Wonderful H.J. Holmes Harmsworth Magazine 1900 – vol iv p211-216, Feb-Jul 1900

Tall Shooting Stephen Vincent Harmsworth Magazine 1901? – vol vi, p 149 -151, Feb-Jul 1901?

Amazing Tub Athletes Frank Holmfield Harmsworth Magazine 1901? – vol vi, p 403-410, Feb-Jul 1901?

The King of Contortionists Levin Carnac Pearson’s Magazine 1897 – vol. i, p574-578, Jan-Jun 1897

Singular Cycle Tricks Merriden Howard Pearson’s Magazine 1897 – vol. i, p421-426, Jan-Jun 1897

Hoop-Rolling Extraordinary H.J. Holmes Pearson’s Magazine 1901 – vol xi p551-555, Jan-Jun 1901

A Tramp Juggler: a New & Clever Turn at the Palace Theatre (W.C. Fields) The Black & White Budget 1901 – 16/03/1901

The Great Wizard of the West T. Hanson Lewis The English Illustrated Magazine 1894, vol xii, p74-83, Oct 1894-Mar 1895

Acrobats and how they are trained Ernest W. Low The Strand 1895 – vol x p728-735, Jul-Dec 1895

Some Peculiar Entertainments -Part 1 Framley Steelcroft The Strand 1896 – vol xi p328-335 Jan-Jun 1896

Some Peculiar Entertainments – Part 2 Framley Steelcroft The Strand 1896 – vol xi p466-475 Jan-Jun 1896

Paper Folding I.S. Lewis The Strand 1896 – Vol. xii , p703-711, Jul-Dec 1896

The Dog Orchestra John West The Strand 1897 – vol xiv p728-731, Jul-Dec 1897

Hand Shadows Bernard Miller The Strand 1897 – vol xiv, p625-632 Jul-Dec 1897

A Human Alphabet William FitzGerald The Strand 1897 – vol xiv, p659-664, Jul-Dec 1897

Side Shows 1 William Fitzgerald The Strand 1897 – Vol. xiii p320-328, Jan-Jun 1897

The Greatest Juggler in the World (Cinquevalli) William Fitzgerald The Strand 1897 – Vol. xiii p92-100, Jan 1897

The Champion Jumper of the World Oswald North The Strand 1897 – vol. xiv p507-515, Jul-Dec 1897

Side Shows 5 William Fitzgerald The Strand 1897 – Vol. xiv p90-97 Jul -Dec 1897

Foolhardy Feats 1, Niagara Fools George Dollar The Strand 1897 – vol. xiv, p332-336Jul-Dec 1897

The Most Extraordinary Dinner on Earth Albert H. Broadwell The Strand 1900 – vol xix p529-535, Jan-Jun 1900

A Curious Electrical Display Harold J. Shepstone The Strand 1900 – vol xix p81-84, Jan-Jun 1900

Bears at School Albert H. Broadwell The Strand 1900 – vol xix p112-115 Jan-Jun 1900

Diving Horses Albert H. Broadwell The Strand 1900 – vol xix p696-700 Jan-Jun 1900

A Lightning Modeller Frank Holmfield The Strand 1901 – vol xxii p179-182July-Dec 1901

The Jones-Hilliard Bicycle Sensation Tertius Carr The Strand 1901 – vol xxii, p432-437, July-Dec 1901

Up a Pole Frank Holmfield The Windsor Magazine 1902 – vol xvi p342-346 Jun-Nov 1902

A Heavy-Weight Juggler (Paul Conchas) Edouard Charles The Windsor Magazine 1903 – vol xix p746-750 Dec 1903- May 1904

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